What Is Qooox?

It’s the advertisting analytics tool for e-commerce businesses that enables web marketing managers to optimize their advertising spending among platforms and campaigns.

Devoted to e-commerce

Qooox can be used either by web marketing teams of e-commerce shops or by web marketing agencies because your data can be structured in a flexible and meaningful way to reflect your campaigns and your business.
Anyhow the focus is the optimization of the ad spending of any e-commerce businesses.

Get the whole picture

Many advertising platforms let you compare a campaign’s performance with that of other campaigns in that same platfortm. But what really matters is how every campaign stacks up against your best performing campaigns across all channels.
Your campaigns don’t live in a vacuum. With Qooox you can understand how every web marketing initiative positively or negatively affects the other ones.

Beyond web analytics

No longer do you have to judge a marketing channel based on simple KPIs like CTR or CR. That won’t help you improve your web marketing efforts. Get real answers by understanding the downstream profit you’ve received from each campaign you’re running. This is a step beyond data-driven to show your revenue-first marketing impact. Stop to waste your budget by allocating too much on low performance campaigns.

How does Qooox work?

By using a really effective tracking system, Qooox collects the relevant data from your e-commerce site and then analyzes them to let you understand the real performances of your campaigns.

Configure the system

Configures Qooox by listing the sources of traffic, campaigns and types of web marketing initiatives that you use to promote your sales. Complete the picture by uploading the whole catalog of your products.
Then your IT team can put Qooox in condition to track the traffic and the sales originated by your web marketing campaigns with just two lines of JavaScript code.

Collect and analyze data

Let Qooox collects data from your web site and analyze them according to your unique configuration. Now you can analyze your site traffic and your sales with powerful analytics tools and reports.
Discover the true performance of your web makeking tools by means of an effective order deduplication system that sets your sales down to the campaign that really originated them.

Optimize your ad spending

Viewed as a whole, your revenue is much like traffic. If you only view the total metric, you have no idea which segment is sending you customers and driving your growth. Spend less time digging for answers and instead spend more budget on the sources that bring the best ROI. This view can be hard to consume as endless Excel cells, so the Qooox reports provide a clear visual picture of your revenue.


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